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Travelling - B. Carruthers

I have always felt guilty about leaving my parrot behind while my husband and I went on holiday. We are now both retired and have a tent so Polls, our red-lored Amazon can join us. Polls helped us meet new people, which outweighed the trouble of packing her paraphernalia. At the end of our journeys Polls would be exhausted. This year having used Spark (Energize), she has enough energy to learn the art of balancing. As we approach a roundabout or corner we say "hang on Polls", she shuffles her feet, leans to one side or the other like a motorcyclist and manages to balance without using her beak. I am convinced that Spark (Energize) has been instrumental in aiding her ability to cope with, and given her the energy to learn, many of these new balance skills.

B. Carruthers